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Covid19 Update


UK NEQAS 2020 Parasitology Teaching Programme – COVID19 Response

In light of the current COVID 19 pandemic, UK Universities used as our teaching venues have been shut down. Therefore, with much regret, the  UK NEQAS Parasitology teaching courses for this year 2020 which are due to start in June cannot be guaranteed to take place on the  dates advertised.

Please note that the programme for this year is not cancelled yet, however,  depending on your geographical location and the COVID19 situation, training courses may be cancelled.

If you indicated during your annual re-registration with UK NEQAS  that you were interested in attending any of the courses, you will receive an email communication informing you about whether the course will take place or not in your area.

The dates and venues for the training courses this year can be found here (

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this matter. For further information, please email the teaching programme manager using the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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